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I just found this brand new website that

pays you to watch YouTube videos listen

to music search on Google and complete

other simple tasks this is in fact the

highest paying website I've ever

encountered with offers paying up to

thirteen hundred dollars so if you've

been searching for different ways to

make money online then search no further

and just watch this tutorial all the way

until the end to find out how you can

use this free website to earn some extra

cash in your spare time cash which you

can then use to buy something cool for

yourself or your loved ones travel or do

some other amazing stuff and speaking of

that let me know in the comments down

below how you would spend your earnings

from this website will you spend it in

expensive restaurants will you invest it

will you buy something for your friends

and family let me know in the comments

down below and with all of that being

said the website that we will be using

today is called cashadent over at so just like President bud

cash indent once you land on you will be able to see

that they will pay you to watch videos

on Netflix and YouTube search on Google

listen to music and more it's forever

free it's worldwide available and it

requires no previous experience since

the tasks are pretty simple and

straightforward they also have very fast

payouts once you complete your first

three offers you can request a withdraw

and get paid within 24 hours via Paypal

bank transfer pay year or crypto now to

actually start earning with this website

you will need to register a free account

to do so click on any of these

registration buttons on the home page

that will take you to this page where

you will just need to enter your email

address and create a password once you

do so you will be able to log into your

brand new cash ident account don't get

confused if you get taken back to the

home page all you gotta do is click on

members area after logging in and that

will take you to this page where you can

start completing offers for the money

every single day they will have

different offers for you to complete

some of these offers will pay you to

search on Google some of these will pay

you to listen to music and as you can

see today the first offer pays you

twelve dollars fifty cents if I sign up

for an audible free trial to complete

this offer and collect twelve dollars

all I need to do is click on start now

and create a free audible account to do

so I need to click on continue for free

and register an Amazon account enter

your name your email address and create

a password afterward just confirm your

email and fill out all the details to

start a free trial which you can cancel

after 10 minutes if you completed the

entire offer properly and you started a

free trial on Audible you can now go

back to cashadent to complete more

offers keep in mind that it sometimes

takes them a few minutes to review if

you have completed the task successfully

so in the meantime time you can complete

more offers to earn even further the

next offer that I can complete is

watching a free course for ten dollars

this one is my favorite because you can

do it again and again and earn ten

dollars an hour literally by doing

nothing because those videos can just

play while you're doing something else

so click on start now that will take you

over to a skillshare course where you

will be able to start a free trial you

will just need to register an account

and start watching this one hour long

Course once you watch it all the way to

the end you will be credited 10.35 so

not only are you getting free knowledge

but you are also being paid for it but

keep in mind that you do have to watch

the entire course all the way until the

end or otherwise you will not be paid by

cashadint so you must play those videos

for at least an hour you can't cheat

once you complete that offer you can

just continue to the next one until you

finish all of them for the day and then

tomorrow you can come back to continue

earning an additional way to earn even

more money from is to

refer other people because their

referral program pays you two dollars

per person you refer as long as that

person completes at least one offer so

what you can do is you can grab your

referral link and share it with friends

and family you can ask them to complete

at least one offer with their free

account and you will earn two dollars if

you refer 10 people that's twenty

dollars extra you can also just make a

video like I'm doing right now talk

about cash edit and earn passive income

because if this video gets let's say

five thousand views at least a thousand

people will sign up through my link from

the description leaving me with over two

thousand dollars in profits and finally

I would like to talk about the payout

how do you actually withdraw your money

from this website well in order to

collect your earnings you need to

complete a minimum of two of these

offers and earn at least twenty dollars

you can withdraw your money with PayPal

bank transfer pay year or crypto and I

would also like to note that most of

these offers are available worldwide but

some like this Netflix or Google offer

are reserved only for U.S residents so

if some offers are not available to you

keep in mind that it might be because

you're not in the US but either way

there's enough tasks for anyone to make

a decent size income on cashadent

regardless of where you're coming from

let me know your thoughts about this new

website in the comments Below in my

opinion it's one of the best money

making apps out there considering how

easy the tasks are and how generous

their payouts are if you complete those

offers correctly and you don't cheat you

can earn a decent size income from this

platform I hope you found this tutorial

valuable and if you want to see more of

these apps and websites to make money

online please be sure to hit the like

button and subscribe to our Channel with

notifications on thank you so much for

watching and we will see you next time