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so you're obviously watching this video

because you want to learn how to make

money online now don't worry because you

have come to the right place I will be

showing you exactly how you can make as

much money as you want so that you can

live the life that you have always

dreamed of living today I will be

showing you a super easy method that you

can use to make money online repeatedly

all you have to do is like videos and

you can start earning money right away

another great thing about today's method

is that it is worldwide so don't worry

if you don't live in the US or the UK

because you will be able to do this

method no matter where you are in the

world speaking of making quick and easy

money online I need to tell you about

this new Google exploit I found

basically this is a fully automated

browser extension that makes real PayPal

money for you all you need to do is

click the first link in the description

box below and get early exclusive access

to it keep in mind that it's only

available to the first 10 people anyway

let's get back to the main video topic

today our first website for today is

called rapidworkers.com at rapidworkers

tasks are accomplished fast projects are

low cost employers are fulfilled workers

are happy and compensated promptly and

most of all it simply works as you can

read right here rapid workers is a

crowdsourced service with more than a

hundred thousand workers their team

helps individuals small businesses and

professionals to create low-cost

publicity and marketing campaigns to

increase sales better ranking backlinks

and much more they're combining workers

and employers to minimize publicity and

marketing costs while at the same time

providing money to Everyday users

workers sign up and browse micro jobs

select jobs that they like finish tasks

submit proof earn money and a lot more

It's always important to be cautious

when signing up for online earning

opportunities and to carefully research

a website before providing any personal

information or working on any tasks some

websites may not be legitimate and could

be attempting to scam users however this

website will definitely help you earn

some money which is why I'm telling you

about it so definitely make sure that

you give it a go another great thing

about this website is that this website

has a lot of different payment methods

as you can see like PayPal bank transfer

and a whole lot more rapid workers is a

service for Unique corporations workers

can submit their websites or your

websites to search engines promote sites

they can dig websites they can post on

Twitter blogs forums

Etc can post reviews and a lot of other

tasks now it's time for you to sign up

and to do so just click on sign up right

here on the upper right corner and then

that should take you to here you need to

fill out your name your email address

your password your country confirm that

you're not a robot agree to the terms

and services and then hit on sign up

before that let's read through some of

their very strict rules number one is

that using vpns or other types of

masking IP software is not allowed and

you're also not allowed to have multiple

accounts with the same IP or use shared

or public Wi-Fi you are also not allowed

to use the same IP used with other

accounts to do tasks that are supposed

to be for jobs in countries that you are

not from you can only do the jobs that

are made for your country all of these

will get you eventually banned and once

you're banned don't even waste your time

making another account because it's not

gonna happen before we go ahead with the

video let me know in the comments down

below if you have any video content

ideas for me in case there are any

videos that you want to see in

particular I mean these videos are for

you guys anyway so I really want to make

sure that I get as much feedback from

you guys as possible also let me know

what devices you use if you're an

Android or an iOS user and while you're

at it comment where you're from because

I enjoy reading your comments and you

know I'll try to respond to all of them

okay so let's head back to the video now

you can really just hit on sign up as

soon as you hit on sign up you're gonna

have to verify your email address before

successfully starting so go on ahead to

your email check your inbox and look for

an email just like this one then you're

going to want to click on the link

attached to that email and that should

take you straight into your verified

rapid worker account this is what the

inside of your rapid worker account

looks like you can keep track of your

transactions your balance deposits

withdrawals literally everything as you

scroll over you'll see all the tasks

that you can actually take on and be

well compensated for it it tells you

what the task is the countries it's

available in the payment and the time

which makes it really convenient since

you don't have to figure out those types

of information about the task on your

own now it's time that we target what we

came here for which would be to earn by

liking YouTube videos and to do so just

look up YouTube in the search bar you

can also filter things out so that it'll

only show you the jobs that are related

to YouTube as well as have higher

payments so that's going to be its focus

for example we choose this one that pays

you this amount of money and you only

have to do it within the time duration

stated all you need to do is click on it

then that's going to take us to another

tab that's going to reveal more

information on the task that we've just

chosen so that we can know more about it

so you just want to read through the

whole thing really understand everything

and then once you've read and understood

you can proceed by following the

instructions as instructed or as follows

because that's what you're gonna have to

do anyway to be able to earn the method

and to be able to really execute the

task properly before we finish up don't

forget to like comment and subscribe to

our YouTube channel if you haven't

already also let us know in the comments

down below what videos you'd like to see

next so we can note them down and maybe

do it for our next video now let's

continue and before we wrap things up

we're gonna have a little recap first

you want to go to rapidworkers.com sign

up for a free account look up tasks that

you're are interested in undertaking do

those tasks and lastly earn now you may

think that this is an easy peasy job

which it is but you are still gonna have

to put in some little effort because

that's really the only way that you're

going to be able to make money for

yourself so make sure you try today's

website out follow everything that we

just taught you and do the best that you

can I'm not saying that this is going to

replace your full-time job at all but

it's definitely a great way to make a

little extra income on the side of

whatever you're doing at the moment and

just think what you could do with that

extra money you could save it up for a

bigger goal like going on holiday or

buying a car or you can just use the

money to cover some basic phone bills

and do grocery shopping that's what I

love about making money online it's

super convenient and all you have to do

is spend a little time with your device

which we all do all the time anyway for

free and just like that you get paid and

you get to use the money for very much

in real life things it's awesome and

that's exactly why you absolutely need

to do this method that I showed you

today and that wraps up today's tutorial

if you learned something new today be

sure to hit the thumbs up button down

below and comment any thoughts or

questions that you might have we love

hearing from you guys