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do you want to know how to make over a

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people anyway let's get back to the main

video topic today so the first thing we

want you you to do is go on

highersign.com this is the website where

you can find different work from home

opportunities that pay you a lot of

money as you can see once you are on the

website online jobs were never so easy

to find you can choose work that suits

your skills registration is also free so

you don't need to worry about that

either with higher sign you can find

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startups and well-known Global brands

with higher sign you can also build

rewarding relationships in the world's

work Marketplace it is your home for the

work you want now you can see the

different job opportunities offered on

hiresign with typing jobs you can earn

four dollars to six dollars per page

there are online and offline typing

assignments which you can execute on Ms

word or any equivalent software

proofreading jobs earn five dollars to

10 dollars per page you can earn money

by editing Ms Word files and checking

for spelling and grammatical errors paid

you can even do survey jobs and earn

five dollars to fifty dollars per survey

and put your opinion about various

products and services that you use and

earn money from there are online graphic

designing jobs where you can earn

fifteen to forty dollars per assignment

designing on Photoshop and exporting

them to various file formats PowerPoint

presentation jobs earn three dollars per

PowerPoint Slide by preparing PowerPoint

slides and adding proper animation and

sound effects spreadsheet entry jobs

earn two cents to four cents per cell

preparation and modifications of tables

in Ms Excel voice recognition jobs earn

15 to 40 dollars per assignment for

conversion of medical prescription slips

into textual and audio format online

advertisements earn 5cm per ad posted

for today's video we're going to be

focusing on proofreading jobs which

again are going to be paying you five to

ten dollars per page and all you have to

do is edit Ms Word files and check for

spelling and grammar errors now if

you're suddenly worried about not

knowing how to proofread or not having

good English skills well don't worry

because you won't actually be needing

any of that since we are going to be

showing you a trick that's going to help

you loophole the entire tricky part of

the process now as you can see over here

we have a two-page document that you

will have for free and since it pays ten

dollars per page then this two-page

document that we currently have can make

us twenty dollars easily you can

actually do this over and over again so

it really doesn't matter before we go

ahead with the video let me know in the

comments down below if you have any

video content ideas for me in case there

are are any videos that you want to see

in particular I mean these videos are

for you guys anyway so I really want to

make sure that I get as much feedback

from you guys as possible also let me

know what devices you use if you're an

Android or an iOS user and while you're

at it comment where you're from because

I enjoy reading your comments and you

know I'll try to respond to all of them

okay so let's head back to the video now

go ahead and click this link and that

should take you over here where you can

apply to be an online proofreader and

don't be nervous or anything because

it's actually much easier than you think

the reason why we especially love this

website compared to other websites that

offer the same opportunities is that it

has competitive pay at five to ten

dollars for each page exceeding the US

average hourly wage for proofreaders it

has flexible hours so you're free from

five to nine and you can work when you

want right from your living room in any

time zone and you have great colleagues

there is a huge virtual work Network and

you can connect with some of the world's

top English proofreaders let's go ahead

and start to sign up since it's a bit

tricky so we really need you guys to pay

close attention to this part especially

when you've clicked on the proofreading

jobs link you can scroll down and then

you'll see this application procedure

section that has the apply to be an

online proofreader button and you're

going to want to click on that and then

you're going to be brought to this page

right here and we want you to scroll

down till you see this then just go

ahead and click on the link of step two

right away then you'll be brought to

another page which is this page right

here then scroll down again until you

see this proceed to application section

and select apply now and then finally

you're going to be brought to the page

where you can proceed to apply for real

now make sure you really stick to it

because this part of the application

process is actually a part of the whole

method and the whole process of applying

if you don't stick to it then that just

means you aren't fit for the job now

you're going to go ahead and fill out

all that's being asked of you and once

you've done that hit on register after

that in 24 hours you should expect to be

accepted and receive files for

proofreading and this is where our bonus

trick comes in that is basically going

to be doing all of the work for you you

literally won't have to do anything

yourself now remember that file earlier

that is our sample file that we are

going to work on and we're going to get

paid twenty dollars as soon as we finish

the job at the most you can do 10 of

these in an hour so imagine 10 two page

files in an hour that's two hundred

dollars easily you have to expect that

the file given to you will have a lot of

errors and mistakes because it is your

job to correct them and what we're going

to use to correct all of those mistakes

is Google Docs and we're sure you guys

know about this so if your employer

sends you an MS Word file just open that

Ms Word file copy what's in it and paste

it on Google Docs and Google Docs is

going to highlight all the types of

mistakes that you can find in the

document and all of it will be

highlighted to automatically correct

those mistakes all you need to do is

click on those words and the correction

will pop up just above the word and all

you need to do is click on those

Corrections and boom it'll be

automatically corrected you just have to

scan the document and watch out for

those highlighted slash underlined words

and lines and just like that your job is

done easily for you and you will be able

to make those two hundred dollars in no

time I would advise that you give the

document one final read-through after

making all the automatic Corrections

just in case there are any more mistakes

but once you've double checked you're

finished easy money in the bank and that

wraps up today's tutorial if you learned

something new today be sure to hit the

thumbs up button down below and comment

any thoughts or questions that you might

have we love hearing from you guys