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I'm about to show you the easiest way to earn completely free Bitcoin as a total beginner you can do this from anywhere in the world whenever you like and again it's totally free so let's just get right into this video speaking of making quick and easy money online I need to tell you about this new Google exploit I found basically this is a fully automated browser extension that makes real PayPal money for you all you need to do is click the first link in the description box below and get early exclusive access to it keep in mind that it's only available to the first 10 people anyway let's get back to the main video topic today first of all let's take a look at this website this website is giving you eight dollars for each one thousand views from the United States don't worry I'm going to show you step by step what you

 need to do but the most important part is that if you scroll all the way down you can see that you can get Bitcoin and that's really sweet eat right and to be honest it is the right time to get some Bitcoin because it is in a crazy dip next year is going to be so good for Bitcoin so if you get some now in a few months time you can double your income trust me get that Bitcoin really fast this website is going to give you Bitcoin and I'm going to tell you this strategy everyone can do this if you just invest a bit of your time into setting this up so this website is called exe.io and what these people are doing is they shorten the links and you get the money for the traffic they get the money from those ad companies because when you click on their link you will be redirected to see an ad first and then they share the revenue with you you can see that it is done in three easy steps you will create an account you will shorten your link and whenever someone clicks on it you get the money but how do we get the traffic and which links do you have to shorten I'm going to show you everything step by step make sure sure that you follow the video in case you want to get that money but if you don't follow you might miss some steps and that's going to be bad for us first of all just sign up with some simple information now we can go and make that money and of course guys this will work wherever you are located you can live in Nigeria or you can live in Asia wherever you live you can get some money but of course it is going to depend on you the more time you invest in this the more money you will get with this website so now we have to find the link which we have to shorten now guys here's what you can do okay firstly you can go over to YouTube and you can type for example advice for parents and you're going to get a lot of these videos which are explaining something to parents so this one is good five expert tips no parent should miss or even this one how to become a better parent and of course you have a lot of these and trust me guys this is not the only Niche you can use you can use for example the fitness and health Niche maybe books whatever everything can make you money if you find their traffic for it but this one is really good because a lot of parents like to click on these advice and they want to find some tips they want to just be a better parent to their kids before we go ahead with the video let me know in the comments down below if you have any video content ideas for me in case there are any videos that you want to see in particular I mean these videos are for you guys anyway so I really want to make sure that I get as much feedback from you guys as possible also let me know what devices you use if you're an Android or an iOS user and while you're at it comment where you're from because I enjoy reading your comments and you know I'll try to respond to all of them okay so let's head back to the video so what we have to do is we have to go and click on one of these videos okay you don't have to watch the video at all just make sure that it has a lot of views and what you have to do now is you just have to click on share air and this is the link that we are going to shorten okay so copy this link go back to exe.io just paste that in here and click on shorten and you will get your shortened version of the link now when you click on this you will see an ad and only then you're going to be redirected to watch this video but you already got the money okay whenever someone clicks on it you will get the money you will get that ad money from the company and people are going to see the video afterwards so you're helping people in a way but you are getting the money in the same process sonow that we have the video and now that we have this link shortened we have to find the traffic for it okay we have to find a lot of those parents now the easiest way is to go and find some forums online okay so you can just type in parents forums and then you can just scroll and search for a lot of these forums there are a lot of parents out there who don't have anything else to do and just chat on these forums just take a look at this top 25 parenting forums and for example this is the first one parentingforums.org you can see these guys have four posts per day so it's an active forum and of course you have Reddit parenting Reddit parenting is a good one it has 29 posts per day and of course everyone knows that reddit.com has a lot of total visits per month just take a look at this traffic on reddit.com 1.7 billion each month and just take a look at this there was even 1.8 billion in the month of August so this is a really nice traffic Source but of course you can choose whichever one you want we have this like mothering.com and these mothers they tend to be more active than the fathers of course you can get a lot of traffic here all you have to do is just post that video of yours okay but of course you're going to post this shortened version because when people click on it you get the money for it and it's going to be easy guys you just have to set aside a bit of your own time and you have to engage with the people on these forums okay just make a few comments make a few posts and tell them that you have found a nice video on YouTube about tips on parenting and a lot of people are going to click on that link and of course you don't have to stop there okay you can choose one more video you can choose two or maybe even five okay the more of these you do the more chances you've got for a lot of those clicks I've told you before that you can do this in the fitness Niche you can just tap into weight loss tips for example and there is hugely popular traffic for this kind of Niche just take a look at this for example you can find certain videos look at this one 9.7 million views you can do the same thing just shorten that link but the traffic is gonna be different this time of course you will go on weight loss forums and you again have weight loss Forum discussions and all of that so just engage with the people that's all you have to do you can even go over to Facebook and type in weight loss go to these groups and join all of these groups just take a look at this 270 000 members 175 000 members a lot of people are in there and they gather there for a reason right they want to lose weight same for parenting you can type in parenting go over to groups and find a lot of these it's super easy to do and that wraps up today's tutorial if you learned something new today be sure to hit the thumbs up button down below and comment any thoughts or questions that you might have we love hearing from you guys also be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications turned on so that you can be alerted every time we upload a brand new money making method that you simply do not want to miss out on see you in the next video thank you