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I'm about to show you how to get paid 50 instantly for doing pretty much nothing you don't have to be a pro because you can do this and make money even if you're a complete beginner so if you guys want to know what this method is and exactly how you can use it to make money for yourself then smash the like button and make sure to keep watching this video right until the end so that you don't miss out on any important details so I'm gonna be taking you through the step-by-step process of making money through promoting CPA offers via CPA grip in depth in this video but there's an even more awesome affiliate website that you guys absolutely need to check out and that is Leeds Market this is one of the highest paying affiliate marketing programs in the US so you're bound to make bank with this you can make commission rates of up to 240 dollars per lead which is crazy they literally give you everything you need to promote affiliate offers like amazing free landing pages that actually convert online reports optimized advertising campaigns and so much more they paid out more than a hundred million dollars in 2021 and the fact that they are literally giving you everything you need to keep a chunk of that for yourself honestly blows my mind this is especially perfect for those of you who are based in the US and UK so if you're from there you've got to check this out and start making money easily to sign up to Leeds Market go to or click the first link in the description to get started the registration process is pretty straightforward all you have to do is click the sign up button in the upper right corner and enter your first and last name click the next button to enter your company name which is optional and your phone number on the next page enter your email address and on the IM type enter your Skype username now you need to select your country and choose your main marketing methods your website is optional and you need to describe your affiliate marketing business you can use tools like chat GPT to generate longer descriptions if writing is not your strong point all that is left is to create a unique password and after confirming your email you are all set to start making money with affiliate sales what is leads Market good for if you are looking to expand your affiliate marketing business outside of your home country and are looking to Target us and UK specifically Leeds Market is a great option for you remember affiliate marketing has market value of over 17 billion dollars so it would be wise to tap into that market for sure Leeds Market will provide you with your own dedicated success manager who will help you manage your affiliate marketing campaigns remember to use the link in the description to sign up and get special bonuses now I'm going to show you how to use CPA grip and Leeds Market to boost your affiliate sales pay attention to the underlying strategies that I'll be pointing out because that can be really helpful for when you do affiliate marketing with Leeds Market anyway let's get into the main topic of today's video but pay attention to the underlying strategies that I'll be pointing out because that can be really helpful for when you do affiliate marketing with leads market so for today's method you need to have access to a CPA Network now the one that I recommend going for is CPA grip so once you are on the CPA grip website you will need to hit the register button and sign up for a brand new free account if you don't have one already now the sign up process is pretty straightforward the only thing that you need to pay attention to is the publisher type and you want to make sure that you select website and when it asks where did you hear about us make sure to tell them that you're coming from this channel now all you have to do is Click register now now that you have your account all set up this is what it's going to look like you can also see this little chat box and this is something that I highly recommend you use because it will give you motivation to actually make money you can see here all of the people that have made money through this website using the chat box and soon you will be one of those people earning money too it's just a matter of using the right method and I will be showing you the exact method to do this now you need to go to the offer tools and click my offers this is how you're going to start promoting CPA offers you can promote CPA offers from the U.S because they have the biggest Market on this network and the average payout rate is two to three dollars however you can also promote offers from different countries for example if you promote offers from France the average payout rate is twenty one dollars and this is what I would do so pick another top country you can choose Romania Greece France Portugal Etc and these are the countries that are going to be paying you the most amount of money in this video I'll be choosing France as an example because they have a really high payout rate the next thing that you want to do is select the offer that you are going to be promoting so the offer that I found is an iPhone 13 Pro giveaway by the way it isn't any problem if you don't know how to speak the language of the country you've chosen because I'm gonna show you an easy way to get around that now what you need to do is go to Google sites and create a brand new site start by clicking blank site and then delete the top section so the entire site is blank now go back and check out the CPA offer for the giveaway and you will need to replicate the offer the best way to replicate It Is by using the text box and an image and also adding a call to action I will be showing you exactly how it is supposed to look but let me just tell you that this is super simple and basic in the headline you can add January 2023 because this is something that people will be able to resonate with as it will tell them that it is working right now so I always make sure to add it to my landing pages as people are more likely to take action this way so in the headline you can say something like enter for a chance to win a brand new iPhone 13 Pro and then add an image of the iPhone now you need to add a link and also add click here to sign up for a chance to win a new iPhone 13 Pro then go back to CPA grip and then copy your affiliate link and then go back to Google sites now you want to paste the link and highlight it to make it stand out and also change the color so it doesn't look like normal text and it actually looks like a link now what you are going to notice is that we have done all of this in English but we are promoting a French offer however now you have a basic template that you can use for all your offers no matter what the language all you simply want to do is go to Google Translate and in this case I will be translating from English to French so copy and paste the entire text into Google translate and it will translate it into French for you the reason why I created the template in English first is so that I can understand what should be written where and then simply paste the French text into the correct boxes now all you have to do is publish the site but make sure that you check everything before you do once you've checked that everything is working you need to drive traffic to the website so you can start generating commissions and I will be showing you exactly how for this offer people need to pay a dollar 65 to enter the giveaway and for every single one of those two dollar payments we are going to be receiving twenty one dollars so copy the link to your landing page and you want to paste it onto this website then copy and paste your headline too and add it to this page you will have to fill out a certain number of characters so you may not be able to use your entire landing page but just make sure that it all makes sense and you fill out at least the first two lines you then want to select France because this is the target country for the ad and although this will take up one extra credit it will be worth it also make sure to select French as the language but if you're promoting an offer for a different country then don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong country always make sure to go back and check which country you are promoting the offer for as it can be hard to keep up if you're promoting many offers at once now you need to add in the dates that you want your ad to to be shown and just enter the to and from dates this is something that you don't really need to do but if you want more clicks to your link to get more commissions then I would definitely recommend doing this the only thing that you will be paying for on this website is the credits but apart from that everything else is free it doesn't matter if people are clicking this link during the day or night because you will still be making money and that is all we really want and need now just simply click save and this website will be sending you the traffic that you need okay so I think that it is finally time to reveal the name of this amazing ad website that will drive traffic to your links the name of the website is and I'm just going to quickly show you it but I obviously don't want it to get over saturated because this is literally one of the best websites that can select traffic from any country and for any language it is one of the best ways to get these CPA offer conversions because the traffic traffic website only requires some kind of credits but other than that it is completely free so start using this method in all of these websites right now if you want to earn some quick and easy money also make sure to try promoting offers from all sorts of countries if you really want to maximize your income and that wraps up today's tutorial if you learned something new today be sure to hit the thumbs up button down below and comment any thoughts or questions that you might have we love hearing from you guys also be sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications turned on so that you can be alerted every time we upload our brand new money making method that you simply do not want to miss out on see you in the next video