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you can get paid once you've earned a

certain minimum amount before we go

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okay so let's head back to the video you

can try out all the resources and check

out all the ways to earn money and you

can find find out how to do it step by

step use your xeric Lemmy account as

best as you can you can earn money by

playing games if you reach a certain

level or unlock a feature in the

selected mobile game you can collect

points you can also complete easy medium

and hard tasks in games you like the

longer it takes you to complete the

tasks the more you can earn the

available game categories are action

sports strategy Adventure role playing

and racing you can also fill out surveys

you complete surveys which other people

published let them know about your

personality and make this world a better

place and whilst you're doing all of

that you will be earning money surveys

can be different but they will be

matched to your chosen interest on

zareclami some surveys are Anonymous and

some are public information about that

will be displayed but no matter which

survey you do you will still be earning

money you can also watch video which is

our main focus you can gain profit by

watching short 30 second videos based on

your interest and you can even watch

various ads depending on your personal

preferences to earn points however you

must make sure to watch the whole video

otherwise you will not be able to

collect any profit if the monetization

is interrupted you will be able to

return and watch it once again there's

also online shopping and here you will

find popular stores and Brands where you

can save money with xerically me you can

literally make purchases at your

favorite stores to get cash back and

earn money for larger purchases you will

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back Additionally you can collect free

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on various websites of online stores you

can even invite people to earn through

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successfully completed that this is how

it's supposed to look like inside your

very own xeroclimmy account now click on

earn right here and that should take you

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earning and since we're going to be

focusing on watching videos because it's

a super easy way to earn money passively

all you have to do is click on earn

under watch videos and you will have

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and watch videos from and then if you

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more videos you can also see how much

money you can earn from watching the

video as well which is incredible and

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